Private Chef: Mouthwatering Buffet

    Sociable eating with traditional flavours from across the globe, this dining option is a real crowd-pleaser. 


per person

    • As long as you like!

  • Travels to you. Included in price.

    • 10 people plus

    • Travel costs, experienced private chef, equipment for preparation and serving, ingredients, cleaning up

What we love

    • A variety of mouthwatering dishes

    • Locally-sourced ingredients

    • Experienced chefs

    • Relaxed, buffet style service

    • No need to worry about washing up!

Private Chef: Mouthwatering Buffet


per person

    Sociable eating with traditional flavours from across the globe, this dining option is a real crowd-pleaser. 

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2 Aromatic Buffet Menus

Choose which menu you like the look of and we will pair you with the perfect chef (don’t worry, these are fully customisable). We’ll contact you a week before your booking date to confirm menu choices. Your group can pick 5 different choices from either menu.

Tell me more...

    Cast your eye over the Thai and Mexican menus and choose which one you think would be best suited to your group. We’ll then pair you up with the best local chef who will prepare you an authentic buffet for your celebration.

    On the day, your chef will come to your home or venue with fresh ingredients, exotic spices and tasty infusions ready to be cooked. As you enjoy a glass of wine and entertain your guests, they’ll work their magic in the kitchen and prepare an outstanding, aromatic buffet.

    At a time of your choosing, the mountains of fluffy rice and bowls of tantalizing curry or spicy tacos and platters of topped nachos will appear on your table.

    Once you have all finished, your private chef will clear away and clean everything, boxing up any leftovers (if there are any!). 

    Your kitchen will be left spotless and you can wind down the evening without worrying about a thing.

    Who is this for?

    This experience is perfect for anyone looking for authentic flavours with a relaxed dining atmosphere.



Click to see helpful answers to frequently asked questions

    Does the chef bring their own equipment?

    Yes! The chef will come to your accommodation with everything they need to put on a delicious buffet spread.

    Is it cheaper for children’s meals?

    Yes! Meals for children 10 and below are 50% off.

    How many options can I choose from the menu?

    You can choose 5 different dishes from either menu.

    Does the price include alcohol?

    No, but we can organise a wine or gin tasting that can be paired with your menu!

    What time does the chef arrive?

    Around an hour before your chosen meal time.

    Can I ask for anything to be added to the menu?

    Yes! After you’ve booked in your date, we will contact you to create a bespoke menu.

    Do you cater for dietary requirements?

    Yes! We’re used to catering for a range of dietary requirements so please do let us know and we will work with you to adapt the menu.


    Who are your chefs?

    We have strict selection process for all our chefs and only work with those who take real pride in what they do, allowing us to guarantee the same level of service for every booking.

    After your experience, we always kindly ask that you review your experience provider in a quick 30 second survey. This allows us to monitor and measure their performance every time they work for us.

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