Origami Workshop

    Discover your inner Zen and put your paper folding skills to the test through this meditative origami art workshop


per person

    • 2 hours

  • Travels to you. Included in price.

    • 6 people plus (age 4+)

    • Handcrafted paper, expert instructor, personalised designs, games & competitions 

What we love

    • No experience necessary

    • Expert and friendly instructor

    • Hilarious games and competitions

    • Handcrafted origami paper

    • Photos of your group throughout the experience

Origami Workshop


per person

    Discover your inner Zen and put your paper folding skills to the test through this meditative origami art workshop

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Tell me more...

    Transporting the essence of Japan into your living room, you’ll learn how to create beautiful origami designs, tailored to suit your experience level, occasion and the season. Whether it’s a birthday party, hen do, a treat for Mother’s Day or simply a chance to immerse yourself some meditative art, you’ll create stunning designs using handcrafted origami paper.

    Throughout the workshop, your group will also have the chance to put your origami creations to the test, competing in a frog jumping contest or aeroplane flying races.

    You’ll be able to take home your origami designs as well as the memories of the day, as photographs will be taken throughout the workshop.

    Who is this for?

    This experience is perfect for multi-generational families and arty hens. This fun and accessible class is great for all ages and abilities.



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    Do I have do bring anything to the origami class?

    No! Everything will be provided, although we do recommend laying on a few snacks for your guests whilst you practice. What about an afternoon tea?

    Can we drink during the origami class?

    Yes - so long as you don’t spill it on the paper!

    Can we take the origami class outside?

    Yes! If the weather is good then we can arrange for the origami class to take place in the garden.

    Can the origami class be tailored to my group?

    Of course! If you have children in the group, there can be more games but if you’re a bit more confident and dexterous, you can be taught more technical shapes with different layers of paper. Equally, we can tailor the designs to your group type like creating a bouquet of flowers for the birthday girl or some funny designs for a hen do, just let us know your group type on booking.

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