Dance Party

    Try a variety of dance styles, from Beyonce and Bollywood to Samba and Street with this fun-filled dance party!


per person

    • 1 hour

  • Travels to you. Included in price.

    • 8 people plus

    • Travel costs, dance instructor, party games, bespoke choreographed routine, bottles of water

What we love

    • Have a routine created for you by a professional choreographer

    • Choose any theme for your session

    • Experienced and friendly instructors

    • Fun party games to warm up

    • Suitable for everyone - even if you think you have two left feet!

Dance Party


per person

    Try a variety of dance styles, from Beyonce and Bollywood to Samba and Street with this fun-filled dance party!

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Example Dance Styles

Take a look at the dance styles below and choose which one you’d like to do as a group. If your favourite style isn’t listed - fear not! Just let us know which style you’d like the instructor to choreograph.

Tell me more...

    Remember how much fun it was to make up dance routines in your garden with your best friends? Who says you can’t do that as adults?!

    Choose from themes such as the 80's, Burlesque, Ballet, Street Dance and even Queen Bey’s Superbowl Routine. We’ll then pair you with the best dance teacher that can come to your accommodation.

    All of the dance teachers we work with are very experienced and will make you feel comfortable and confident, armed with a host of new moves and routines (maybe even for the big day!).

    You’ll start with a warm-up to get bodies moving and hearts pumping as well as a few fun party games to put a smile on everyone's face. Once everyone's energy is up, you’ll begin learning your personalised routine!

    The dance instructor will document everything so you can reminisce about the time that the bride did the funky chicken or the mother of the bride was a belly dancing sensation!

    Who is this for?

    This experience is perfect for groups of fun-loving hens that want to build confidence and have a giggle.



Click to see helpful answers to frequently asked questions

    What time does the dance teacher arrive?

    Your dance teacher will arrive around 20 minutes before your chosen start time to set up the speakers.

    Can I ask for different dance styles than the ones listed?

    Yes! After you’ve booked in your date, we will work with you to create your perfect dance lesson.

    Is this a serious dance class?

    No! This class will not be serious in the slightest, the main aim is to have a laugh and make you all feel fantastic.

    Do we get to choose our own music?

    Yes! The dance teachers that we work with are all extremely flexible (literally!) and they can choreograph a routine to any music. We’ll chat to you after booking to organise the soundtrack to your class.

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