Axe Throwing Bonanza

    Try your hand at the ancient art of axe throwing at your home or holiday accommodation.


per person

    • 2 hours

  • Travels to you. Included in price.

    • 8 people plus (age 12+)

    • Travel costs, expert instructor, various axes & targets, competitions & challenges

What we love

    • Try throwing axes in a safe environment

    • Expert instructors

    • Feel like a viking warrior!

    • Fun competitions and challenges in abundance

    • Play for pride, loose change or a round at the local pub!

Axe Throwing Bonanza


per person

    Try your hand at the ancient art of axe throwing at your home or holiday accommodation.

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Tell me more...

    Want to settle that family debate? Need to prove your claim to leader of your friendship group? Hurling axes at a log is the best way to determine who is the bee's knees.


    As long as you have a safe outdoor space for the instructors to set up, this ancient axe-throwing experience can come to your accommodation or venue.


    After a short introduction and quick safety briefing, it will then be time to unleash your inner barbarian and have a throw.


    You’ll start by launching a few regular axes and getting our technique down before moving on to some competitions. Time to find out who can make the most axes stick and who can throw two axes at once!


    This is the perfect time to trash talk your friends and family, whilst throwing your way to victory!


    Who is this for?

    This experience is perfect for groups that like the outdoors, love Game of Thrones or have a bit of a competitive streak!



Click to see helpful answers to frequently asked questions

    Do I need to bring anything to my axe throwing session?

    No - all equipment is provided, including axes, targets and maybe a few tomahawks!

    What should I wear to my axe throwing session?

    Make sure that you wear closed-toe shoes that don’t leave your feet exposed.

    Is the price inclusive of VAT?

    Yes! The price listed is the full price for the experience.

    What time do I have to arrive?

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your experience start time.

    What’s the minimum group size for an axe throwing session?

    You must be a group of 8 or more to have the axe throwing range travel to you.


    What happens if the weather is bad?

    The provider will contact you ahead of the event if the forecast isn't looking very good. If the activity can't go ahead because of weather, they'll try their best to reschedule for you. If this can't be done or it doesn't work for you, simply contact us at Tobooka and we'll issue a full refund.

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