Let your guests book something special

By recommending experiences to your guests through Tobooka, you get unparalled benefits as an owner


Why Tobooka?

Start by creating a profile for your house. It’s where guests will see the experiences that you recommend.
Whats in a profile?

All you need to do is add a welcome note, a photo of your house and a profile photo. Then you can add great experiences to your profile for your guests to see!

What’s an experience?

Experiences are great things to do in your area, from pampering to adventure activities. They are provided by trusted local businesses.

How do you find them?

Owners just like you can invite the best businesses they know to join Tobooka. This means our community is always full of the best things to do.

Using your Tobooka profile, guests can easily organise experiences for their holiday.
You know best

Using Tobooka, you can easily recommend the best experiences in your area to your guests. Either choose suppliers you know, or some recommended by other owners.

In the know

You’ll be notified of what your guests are booking, so you will always know what's going on at your property.

Free to use

We created Tobooka as a free tool for holiday let owners. Owners can make a page to reccomend experiences to your guests for free with no subscription fees.

You’re protected, and so are your guests.
You’re in safe hands

Every supplier on Tobooka is fully insured, so you don’t need to worry about being liable for any issues at your property.

Protect your guests

We safeguard your guests when they book experiences with us, guaranteeing them against cancellations. If a supplier cancels we will deal with it so you don’t have to.

For once, time is on your side
Zero hassle

Save time. Just send your guests to your Tobooka page where they can easily organise things to do without your guidance.

Those extra touches

BBQ? Early check-in? Food hamper? You can easily offer these things and more to your guests on your Tobooka page.

Get started

Join our growing community

Our experiences are recommended by owners and reviewed by guests. So, you can be sure you are going to find the best suppliers from around the country on Tobooka!