The top three benefits of offering experiences

by Brodie Farrow January 02, 2020


The holiday rental sector is growing and, despite uncertainty around Brexit, shows no sign of slowing. In fact, the industry in the UK now employs over 41,000 people and saw a total revenue of over £3bn in 2019 (1). 

In 2020, domestic guests are anticipated to account for approximately 85% of this revenue as the number of Britons holidaying in the UK is growing, further boosting industry performance (2).

As the sector grows, so will the competition...

In order to stand out from the crowd, offering add-on experiences and services from private chefs to pampering will become necessary to attract this growing number of domestic customers. And that’s not the only benefit of offering additional activities...

We’ve spoken to our current partners and compiled a list of the top three reasons that they offer experiences at their holiday homes:

  • To get more bookings
  • Last year, we saw a growing trend for experiences being the deciding factor when booking a property. Customers who are deciding between two houses will often enquire with us to check which activities can travel to each house before booking. In fact, there was a 200% uplift in these requests pre-booking in 2019.

  • To improve customer experience
  • Offering wrap-around services and activities on the same website as the house means that the customer can easily book everything they need in one place, without having to scour the internet. Offering experiences through Tobooka also means that the suppliers will always be vetted and trusted, guaranteeing a great customer experience on the day, making the service and their stay even more memorable.

  • The perfect opportunity to upsell
  • For hotel owners, the opportunity to earn doesn’t stop at booking, the stay itself can be equally as lucrative. By upselling a gin & tonic here and a dinner there, they can sometimes double the value of the booking. For self-catering accommodation owners, there is no such luxury. Offering add-on experiences and services and earning commission, however, opens up a new revenue stream and levels the playing field.

    If you’d like to know more about offering add-on experiences at your holiday accommodation, please get in touch with our Head of Partnerships, Alex at: 



    Brodie Farrow
    Brodie Farrow