How to get more hen party bookings

by Brodie Farrow December 17, 2019

How to get more hen party bookings

With big birthdays and anniversaries only happening every 5 or even 10 years, repeat business from these groups can be a long time coming. Hen dos on the other hand, with the average female attending 10-15 prenuptial parties in their lifetime, can mean big business.

What is the lifetime value of a loyal hen?

According to our data, the average size of a hen party in the UK is 14 people, and nearly 70% of these groups book more than one experience for the occasion. 

The average booking value for these groups on experiences alone is a whopping £926 - that’s around £66 per hen, per hen do.

With a recent report suggesting that the whole package costs each individual around £171 (1), it's easy to see the potential this demographic holds for the holiday accommodation sector.

If holiday home owners and agencies can monetise experiences as well as the accommodation, this potential grows even further.

What do hen parties want?

This year (2019), we have seen a growing trend for experiences being the deciding factor when booking a property.

Hens who are deciding between two houses will often enquire with us to check which activities can travel to each house. In fact, we have seen nearly a 200% uplift in these types of messages this year.

It seems, therefore, that experiences are becoming essential for this group type.

“The treatments were amazing - the group had a mixture of facials and massages and everyone came away feeling like new women afterwards!” ~ Hen party staying at the Pictureworks

Which experiences are they interested in?

We have seen a huge trend this year for hens booking three specific types of experience:

  1. A private chef (54% of hen parties booked this)
  2. Pampering (32% of hen parties booked this)
  3. A cocktail masterclass or personal mixologist (17% of hen parties booked this)

Other popular experiences include the hen party classics such as Buff Butlers (13%) and life drawing (5%).


So how do I attract and retain this group?

Since experiences are pivotal for a hen do, there are a few easy things you can do to show the lead hen or Maid of Honour that your house has everything they need:

  • Put the right experiences on the front end of your website.

Adding experiences to the front end of your website shows that it's easy to organise the whole package with you, making it less likely that they will search for competitor properties that do offer experiences.

  • Offer a simple way for them to book everything all in one place.

It's not enough to simply provide a list of links for local suppliers anymore. Checking availability by sending individual emails is too much of a laborious process for your guests. Not to mention the possibility for broken links, uninsured suppliers and providers that have gone out of business.

  • Make sure that the service provided by the suppliers you recommend is a cut above the rest.

The power of a verbal referral is huge. Once a hen loves your services, it is very likely they will recommend you to others. Vetting the suppliers you recommend for quality and professionalism is therefore key to creating lifelong hen party customers.

If you don’t have the manpower to have a whole concierge department to service these requests, Tobooka can help your guests secure all of the experiences they are looking for in a few clicks, with one deposit. We have a network of hundreds of incredible suppliers across the UK and we vet every supplier we work with to ensure the highest quality and the correct insurance.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with our Head of Partnerships, Alex at: 



  1. Chilli Sauce, 2019

Brodie Farrow
Brodie Farrow