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All businesses on Tobooka are reviewed before going onto the platform, meaning they are checked for insurance and your money is safe in the event of cancellations or problems

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What is Tobooka?

Tobooka allows holiday let owners across the UK to recommend and curate the best things to do in their area for their guests - making it easy to find and book the best things to do during your stay.

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For business owners

Tobooka is a new way for customers to reach your business. Signing up and creating your profile just takes a couple of minutes and then local holiday let owners can recommend you to their guests.

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For holiday let owners

Save time by creating a Tobooka account. Recommend local suppliers and provide extras to your guests so they can arrange their stay. Hassle free for you and your guests.

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For holiday makers

View a range of recommended activities and things to do during your stay all of which are vetted and approved before going onto Tobooka. Get started by searching for your accommodation.

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Sign up and create a profile page for your house. This is where your guests can view your recommendations and available extras

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Invite the suppliers you already know, or select some recommended by other owners.

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Both you and your guests are protected. Every business on Tobooka is fully insured and we safeguard your guests against booking issues.

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Save time! Guests can organise and schedule their perfect stay without your help.


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You’ll be up and running with a few minutes and it costs nothing to promote your experiences. You only pay a small fee when you receive a booking through the site.

New customers

The average Tobooka property sleeps 12 people. Groups staying in your area will be able to enquire directly with you, presenting the opportunity to reach new customers.

Simple payments

When a guest books, we immediately secure and hold the payment meaning you won’t need to worry about chasing invoices!

Hands off

Once your profile is approved, we’ll let you know when you receive an enquiry so you can log back into Tobooka and get a new customer booked in.